What Is E-Commerce? What is e-cammerce? "It is the application of advanced information technology to increase efficiency in business relationships between trading partners." "The availability of a business vision supported by advanced information technology to improve efficiency and effectiveness within the business process." "It is the use of computer and telecommunications technologies that takes place between companies or between sellers and buyers, to support trade in goods and services." Combining these definitions we can say that electronic commerce is a modern business methodology that detects the need for companies, traders and consumers to reduce costs and improve the quality of goods and services and improve delivery time the goods or services. Therefore should not continue watching e-commerce as a technology, but is the use of technology to improve the way of conducting business activities. However, electronic commerce can be understood as any form of commercial transaction in which the parties interact electronically rather than the traditional way with physical exchanges or direct physical treatment. Currently, the way of trading is characterized by continuous improvement in procurement processes, and in response to this global business is changing its organization and operations. Electronic commerce is the means to carry out such changes in a global scale, enabling companies to be more efficient and flexible in their internal operations in order to work in a more closely with their suppliers and be more aware of the needs and expectations of its customers. In addition to select the best suppliers regardless of their geographical location in that way can be sold to a global market.