Effective Advertising On The Internet Modern Internet realities make it very effective use of advertising budgets for online advertising. Any user can start with as little effort competent campaign. That will this require? represent who your target customer to know where in the MyWebSearch network to find his client to use the budget as efficiently as possible Let us examine in more detail these items if you sell spare parts for tractors, it would be wrong to advertise on the site dedicated to bicycles. Likewise it would be wrong to think that if at some audience - children of farmers, there your advertising shoot, and the children of farmers tell parents about your tempting offer. If you deliver a pizza to several surrounding towns, it would be foolish to advertise on the city site of the city, situated in a thousand killometrov from you. Each more or less a large city (population of 20,000), there is not one site, but the largest of these advertising costs several times more expensive than those that are smaller. A good example is the unofficial site of the City Railway Moscow region, offering services in advertising, the Railway. Compared with the main site of the prices on the banners there are three times lower, at comparable quality audience. The primary audience for most urban sites - women over 20 years - the customers' active audience. Advertising on these sites can be realized as (recognizable brand) and (increase sales) functions. Future date internet advertising - for regional sites.
E-Commerce Categories The category company - a company with , refers to a company that uses a network to purchase orders to suppliers, receiving invoices and make payments. This category has been used for many years, particularly using EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) over private networks or value-added network (VAN Value-Added Networks "). Company category - customer, can be compared with retail electronically. This category has been widely accepted and has expanded over way through the WWW, as various shopping centers (malls English) across the Internet offering all kinds of consumer goods ranging from cakes and wine to computers. Company Category - Administration, refers to all transactions carried out between different companies and government organizations. For example in the United States when they announced details of the requirements of the new administration through the Internet, companies can respond electronically. You could say that by the time this category is in its infancy but as the government begins to use its own operations, to give rise to Electronic Commerce, is to reach its full potential. Mention should also provide EDI services for transactions such as the return of VAT and corporate taxes. The customer category - management, not yet born, but after the birth of the company categories - customer and company - management, the government will make an extension to electronic interactions and would make welfare payments and tax return. For more reading about e-commerce read the ecommercetimes.